Weekly News (2021-03-4)

Former President Donald Trump is said to be returning to social media with his own new social media platform.

Trump is planning to launch his own social-media platform in the next few months, aide Jason Miller says
Miller during an appearance on Fox News said Trump would be “returning to social media in two or three months” with “his own platform.”

Only patriots can govern Hong Kong?

Opinion: The last blow to Hong Kong’s faltering democracy
China is set to tighten its grip on Hong Kong even further as the country’s top political gathering -- the People’s National Congress -- announced a plan to reform Hong Kong’s electoral system. CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout reports.

One astronomy lover stitches individual images of the galaxy of form a bigger mosaic picture of the Milky Way.

A stunning image of the Milky Way took 12 years to photograph. It shows the ghost of a supernova.
The photographer J-P Metsavainio spent 1,250 hours collecting images for his Milky Way mosaic, which captures a small chunk of the galaxy.

Brazil's COVID situation is so severe that the country is running out of storage of oxygen for patients.

‘Brazil is suffocating’: COVID surge creates severe oxygen crisis
Several states report critical stock levels, loans of cylinders and even transfer of patients who require oxygen.